Trek 2200 Series

Cost-Effective, High Performance, Piezo Drivers and High Voltage Amplifiers, 40 W

Advanced Energy’s Trek 2200 40-watt high voltage amplifier series includes the Trek 2205, 2210, and 2220. The amplifiers offer a winning combination of high performance, exceptional reliability, and other value-add features at an attractive price.

  • Trek 2205: Output ±500 V at 80 mA to 75 kHz
  • Trek 2210: Output ±1 k V at 40 mA to 40 kHz
  • Trek 2220: Output ±2 kV at 20 mA to 7.5 kHz

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The cost-effective Trek® 2200 piezo driver and high voltage amplifiers deliver reliable and highly effective performance for piezoelectric, electro-optic, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and numerous other applications.


All amplifiers feature a four-quadrant, active output that sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This is essential to help you achieve the accurate output responses and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads. The Trek 2200 high voltage amplifiers are optimal for aerospace, biotechnology, defense, military, power, R&D, semiconductor, and electronic industries.



Protect from overpowering the output with unique auto-recovery shutdown

Drive capacitive loads via a four-quadrant output

Rely on ultra-accurate outputs thanks to low-output noise

Take advantage of extensive bandwidth and DC stability

Dynamically adjust to optimize the AC response for various load parameters





Two-year warranty

DC-offset adjustment with front panel metering

CE marked

RoHS compliant

HALT tested

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