ThermalSpection CVM

Turnkey Solution for Monitoring Critical Vessels

Advanced Energy’s ThermalSpection CVM system uses non-contact thermal imaging to provide real-time, continuous, automated fault detection and monitoring for your critical assets.

  • Early fault detection to reduce risk, emergencies and unplanned outages
  • Continuous, automated monitoring
  • Easy integration into existing plant DCS and data historian
  • Designed for hazardous area installations (ATEX, Class I Div 2)

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Identify problems before they become emergencies.The ThermalSpection™ CVM infrared imaging system offers real-time, continuous fault and hot-spot monitoring. And it’s ideal for monitoring critical vessels (e.g. gasifier skin temperature).

The ThermalSpection CVM system can be customized, is fully digital, and uses standard Ethernet LAN. This allows easy and cost-effective transfer of digital image data to control rooms. Additionally, the LumaSpecTM software has modules that support output via Modbus or OPC to the plant’s DCS.



  • Reduce risk and unplanned outages
  • Utilize advanced features in a user-friendly interface
  • Capture thermal data snapshot frames at set intervals or trigger using temperature alarms
  • Easily integrate into existing plant DCS and data historian


  • Automatic hot-spot tracking feature
  • HTML visualization displays for broadcast on plant intranet
  • Data Historian archive
  • OPC/Modbus interface
  • Optional integration with OSIsoft’s PI database system
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