ThermalSpection 724

Automated, Continuous Thermal Imaging System for Remote Fault Detection in Substations and Industrial Sites

Advanced Energy’s ThermalSpection 724 allows you to remotely monitor multiple, distant substations from a central location.

  • Remote fault detection and alarm generation
  • Immediate analysis of dynamic conditions
  • Complete turn-key system with protocols for data export

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The ThermalSpection™ 724 system allows you to continuously and remotely monitor your assets’ temperature profiles and long term thermal trends. As a result, you can quickly detect abnormal temperature deviations to ensure safe and reliable operations.

The system consists of thermal and visible cameras mounted on a positioner with continuous 360° pan range and ±45° tilt range. A junction box with the necessary hardware for power and data transfer is also included. This allows for quick access to the camera’s thermal readings and configuration options. Fixed image cameras and pyrometers can also be added to the system.


  • Replace your error-prone manual inspection process with automated monitoring
  • Identify transient thermal events not detectable with manual inspections
  • Integrate into existing control systems via standard protocols
  • Monitor newly installed assets or older assets after maintenance to identify risk for infant mortality or faults


  • Automated thermal monitoring of substation for performance and safety
  • Early and remote fault detection
  • Automated analysis with built-in industry-standard analytics
  • Continuous monitoring without personnel constraints
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