Pinnacle Series

The Most Recognized DC Power Supply for <= 20 kW Processes

Advanced Energy’s Pinnacle DC generators enable quality thin films and maximum process efficiency.

  • Buy only what you need: Power options from 6 to 20 kW

  • Produce the best films possible with accurate, repeatable power and leading, low-delivered ARC energy

  • Compact air-cooled design expandable in primary/secondary configuration

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The field-proven Pinnacle® DC generators deliver remarkable process consistency and control for significantly reduced variation and higher yields. This compact, versatile package offers outstanding arc management with low stored energy, fast arc response, and wide, full-power operational impedance range.



Lower operating and installed costs

Achieve fast arc response

Configure arc response

Maximize process efficiency

Precisely control your process



Low stored energy — less than 1 mJ per 1 kW of output

No tap changes

Output repeatability of ±0.1%

Target conditioning cycle (TCC) — minimizes conditioning time for new targets

Joule mode — optimized energy delivery

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