Mikron PhotriX Series

Best-in-Class Infrared Radiation Pyrometers, 30 to 2600°C

Advanced Energy’s Mikron PhotriX pyrometers offer ultra-accurate, precise infrared temperature measurement with unmatched low-temperature capability. 

  • Unmatched signal-to-noise ratio
  • Accuracy: ±1.5°C or 0.15% of reading
  • Short wavelength, narrow bandwidth detectors
  • Ambient temperature compensation to combat drift
  • Unmatched, longterm stability and reproducibility
  • Robust and flexible design allows for easy integration


The Mikron PhotriX® pyrometers offer unmatched precision and speed thanks to their superior signal-to-noise ratio. They’re ideally suited for industrial applications requiring closed-loop control of thermal processes.

A standard PhotriX system includes sensor electronics with an anti-reflective coated lens, the communication interface module (CIM), RS-232 interface cable, universal power supply, and the TemperaSure™ data acquisition and graphing interface software.


  • Gain insight into process behavior
  • Achieve superior performance
  • Integrate easily with our robust and flexible package design
  • Minimize the effect of emissivity errors and improve measurement accuracy
  • Take advantage of the highest quality optics with excellent rejection of stray light


  • Lowest temperature capability short-wavelength pyrometer
  • Five spectral response options
  • Configurable collection and precision optics
  • High speed (1 ms)
  • Better than 1°C resolution
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