Mikron MCL640

High-Performance, Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement between -40 and 1600°C

Advanced Energy’s Mikron MCL640 offers unparalleled accuracy for demanding industrial and manufacturing applications. This product is designed with advanced, maintenance-free electronics and industrial protective packaging.

  • Designed to operate in harsh environments
  • High resolution 640 x 480 pixel thermal imager for process control and monitoring
  • Serves broad range of process control applications

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The Mikron® MCL640 is a cost-effective, high performance non-contact infrared imager that can serve a broad range of process monitoring applications.

The unique design produces superior images and temperature measurement (±2°C). It offers an unmatched array of protective accessories, including wide angle and telephoto lenses, industrial and hazardous area enclosures, pan-tilt positioner, I/O modules, and process control and automation software.


  • Operate in harsh environments
  • Obtain the best view with five standard lens options
  • Enable superior image quality and temperature measurement for longwave applications
  • Benefit from an unmatched array of protective accessories
  • Take advantage of unparalleled accuracy


  • Maintenance free electronics
  • Industrial protective packaging
  • Long-term trouble-free process monitoring
  • Measures temperature ranges -40 to 120°C and 0 to 500°C, and the HT version measures 200 to 1600°C
  • Serves the industry’s broadest range of process control applications

After the initial warm-up, enhanced optics and electronics virtually eliminate zero drift  and feature precision-beam collimation. A comprehensive operating system allows you to tailor the device to multiple operations. And calculations are performed in realtime for transmission to your host system.


Measure up to five gases

Tailor to multiple operations without the need for a custom operating system

Nearly eliminate zero drift after the initial warm-up period

Meet all accuracy specifications

Exceed performance requirements for portable or fixed leak detectors of toxics or combustibles


RS232 output

Differential Pressure for flow monitoring

Low power

Fast response times

Precision-beam collimation

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