Impac IS 140 and IGA 140 Series

Digital, Highly Accurate Infrared Thermometers With Optional Interfaces, 220 to 3500°C

Advanced Energy’s Impac IS 140 and IGA 140 series includes pyrometers with focusable optics for non-contact temperature measurement.

  • Temperature ranges between 220 and 3500°C
  • Available with three different focusable optics
  • Short response times <1 ms
  • Extremely small spot sizes min 0.35 mm
  • Available with Ethernet, Profinet, and Profibus interfaces


The Impac® IS 140 and IGA 140 series are digital, highly accurate pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite, etc. in temperature ranges between 220 and 3500°C. Three different focusable optics with extremely small spot sizes are available and pyrometers are equipped with switchable RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces. The interfaces enable you to can read temperatures and adjust pyrometer parameters via the provided InfraWin software.

The -PB types are equipped with a Profibus-DP interface and -PN types are equipped with a Profinet interface for easy integration into existing systems. As part of standard delivery, the GSD file (Profibus) and GSDML (Profinet) offer a selection of five different module configurations for varying requirements. The -ET types are equipped with an Ethernet interface.


  • Achieve extremely high accurate and fast temperature measurement
  • Connect to existing Profibus and Profinet systems with optional interfaces
  • Set any temperature subrange within the full temperature range
  • Achieve exact alignment of the pyrometer with an optional color camera module
  • Color camera module available for optical alignment via video screen or monitor


  • Standard switchable digital RS232/RS485 interface with optional Profinet, Profibus, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Adjustable settings via the instrument, integrated key pad, or via the interface
  • Laser-targeting light or through lens viewfinder
  • Built-in digital display with temperature indication
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