Impac IN 6/78

Accurate, Rugged, and Reliable Pyrometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement, 150 to 1100°C

Advanced Energy’s Impac IN 6/78-L and IN 6/78-H are specially designed pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement of thin glass sheets.

  • Temperature Ranges:
    • IN 6/78-L: 400 to 1100°C
    • IN 6/78-H: 150 to 800°C
  • Measurement of ultra-thin glass sheets with less than 1 mm thickness
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to compact, rugged IP65 stainless steel housing designed for harsh environments
  • Specially designed and coated high-end optics for high accuracy and excellent size of source effects

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The Impac® IN 6/78 pyrometer is designed specifically for non-contact temperature measurements on thin glass surfaces in ranges between 150 and 1100°C. The special 7.8 μm wavelength makes it possible to accurately and reliably measure glass sheets below 1 mm thickness (ultra-thin glass).

The version IN 6/78-L is equipped with optics with a better field of view for the measurement of small objects. The high-speed version IN 6/78-H has a shorter exposure time of only 30 ms and is suited for fast-measuring tasks.


  • Achieve high accuracy with the fully digital core sensor design
  • Easily integrate with a small, stainless steel housing
  • Connect to a PC via RS485 to USB connection for further analysis
  • Use in ambient temperature up to 70°C without cooling


  • Anti-reflective lens created with semiconductor material to reduce environmental sensitivity
  • Multiple onboard digital and analog interfaces for direct and fast PLC communication
  • Adjustable emissivity (10 to 125%) and transmittance (10 to 100%) in steps of 0.1%
  • Adjustable subrange

After the initial warm-up, enhanced optics and electronics virtually eliminate zero drift  and feature precision-beam collimation. A comprehensive operating system allows you to tailor the device to multiple operations. And calculations are performed in realtime for transmission to your host system.


Measure up to five gases

Tailor to multiple operations without the need for a custom operating system

Nearly eliminate zero drift after the initial warm-up period

Meet all accuracy specifications

Exceed performance requirements for portable or fixed leak detectors of toxics or combustibles


RS232 output

Differential Pressure for flow monitoring

Low power

Fast response times

Precision-beam collimation

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