Andros 6500 and 6520

OEM Gas Analyzers for Auto Emissions

Advanced Energy’s Andros 6500 and 6520 gas analyzers offer unparalleled accuracy and performance via simplified design and implementation. Unlike analyzers that require moving components, the 6500 and 6520 use pulsed-infrared sources to achieve high accuracy and reliability.
  • Highly accurate calibration
  • High stability and rapid warm-up
  • Unique optical architecture
  • Comprehensive software architectures

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The Andros® 6500 and 6520 gas analyzers (non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensors) are individually calibrated for operation from 0 to 50°C over all specified concentrations. The results are stored to provide accurate analysis. Enhanced optics and electronics virtually eliminate zero drift. Only two “zeroes” are required during the first three minutes of operation.


The systems communicate with hosts via RS232 or USB. You can define the TTL outputs and the analog and tachometer inputs. These can be integrated into the data output stream for your convenience.



Meet and exceed ISO 3930/OIML R99, Class 0, and BAR 97 specifications

Virtually eliminate zero drift via enhanced optics and electronics

Control key system devices (e.g., gas flow solenoids, sampling pumps, etc.)

Reduce or eliminate the need to calibrate

Easily upgrade older products thanks to comprehensive software



Measures up to five gases (three via NDIR and two via plug-in sensors)

RS232 and USB

DC pump and solenoid valve drivers

Analog to two digital inputs

Differential pressure transducer (6520 only)

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